Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Planetary Geosciences - GeoPlaNet

Careers & employability for EMJM-GeoPlaNet Alumni

The mastery of advanced knowledge, techniques and digital tools will offer you various opportunities to pursue a career in academic or private entities related to geosciences and space exploration, such as:
  • Engineer in field geology/geophysics
  • Remote sensing/geomatics Engineer
  • Engineer in instrumentation for geosciences and space exploration
  • Consultant/Project manager (PhD level) in study office related to Geosciences and Space exploration
  • Science Officer in research organisations/companies
  • Earth and Planetary data scientist (PhD Level)
  • Research engineer (PhD level) in Earth and Planetary data acquisition, processing, experimentation, instrumentation, numerical modelling
  • Researcher and professor in Earth and Planetary Sciences (PhD level)

Database of internship and placement offers

A database of internship and placement offers will be available here.
Mis à jour le 10 November 2023.